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Minolta DiALTA Di750


The knockout performer

Di750 fulfils the key success factor in modern-day business, which is ensuring the right information is available at the right place and the right time. This makes fast, just-in-time document production professional, particularly for CRDs, print-for-pay shops or any large-volume print-on-demand environment.
Giving you 75 pages a minute as a digital copier or printer plus a range of sophisticated finishing options such as booklet creation, coloured cover insertion, stapling, folding and trimming qualities, Di750 is the choice for you. In the tandem configuration you even have a highly productive system with an output of up to 150 copies a minute.
So, this monochrome digital copier-printer has the stamina to cope with the punishing demands of any high-volume environment - up to a maximum output of 500.000 copies or prints a month! As a one-off acquisition, it gives you better value for money than three individual machines. The Di750 offers the added bonus of printing at the significantly lower price per page of copying. As a multifunctional digital high-volume system, the Di750 naturally takes up less space than a stand-alone copier, stand-alone printer and the machines required for professional finishing. Having different service partners and consumables for your copying and printing is a troublesome and rather expensive idea. The intelligent solution is a single service partner and uniform consumables for both functions.

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